uedbetGovernX® - Risk Monitor

Safeguard your operations, reputation, 和 compliance 与 real-time supplier alerts.


uedbet Risk Monitor™ provides daily alerts for suppliers 和 locations on news you should know; along 与 financial results 和 vulnerability indexes.

Global industry leaders use uedbet Risk Monitor to stay abreast of incidents across third-party suppliers 和 locations. Third Party Risk Management, Governance Risk & Compliance, 采购, Vendor Management, 和 Security professionals receive alerts to proactively 降低风险, simplify third-party oversight, maintain business continuity, 和 strengthen their sourcing 和 operations.

Risk Monitor is a st和alone SaaS service that complements the uedbet GovernX® suite of products, the first third-party management platform that allows you to proactively optimize the value of your supplier relationships降低风险 和 manage the contract lifecycle 与 speed 和 agility.





Alerts of incidents 和 negative news of your third-party suppliers 和 locations which may impact your operations, compliance requirements 和 cause reputational damage.



Simplify Third-Party 监督

容易, cloud-based solution that replaces multiple data sources 和 consolidates critical information into one source of truth.



Maintain Business Continuity

Whether it's transparency of financial viability, litigation in progress for suppliers or natural disasters 和 unrest for locations, uedbet Risk Monitor will enable you to make informed decisions.



Strengthen 采购 Operations

Decision support for third-party supplier selections, 报价评估, supplier consolidations, contract re-negotiations, 和 location considerations.


uedbet Risk Monitor Benefits:

  • Avoid or Minimize Operational Disruptions
  • Enhanced Governance & 监督
  • Replaces Multiple Data Sources
  • Improve Speed in Responding to Risk
  • Instant Cloud Based Solution
  • Leverage Leading Information Sources
  • Underst和 Global Impacts While Staying Local
  • Monitor Mergers, Acquisitions 和 Divestitures


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